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從臉和身體的「輪廓」找出 讓自己看起來最協調的服裝風格與剪裁。

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Our face and body showcase our individuality. When we choose the right clothing that matches our body and facial features, beauty comes naturally.

Through the face and body shape analysis, you will no longer stress about outfit choices and be able to confidently present your best self.

 Style Consultation


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·  8大臉型和3大骨架分析
· 最佳服裝輪廓
· 最佳圖案花紋
· 最佳布料材質
· 諮詢後3個工作天內收到您的客製化分析報告(電子版)
· 8 face type & 3 body type analysis
· your silhouette
· your pattern
· your fabrics
· Receiveyour customized analysis
report (soft copy) within 3 business days after consultation
服務費用與時間 Fees and Duration
NTD 5300/60 分鐘
NTD 5300/60 minutes

Tips Before Visit


1. 請盡可能穿「合身」衣物前來,亦可於我們的工作室更換衣物。
2. 請避開高領或立領款式上衣。
1. Please wear fitted clothing when you come, or you can change your clothes at our studio.
2. Please wear collarless tops.
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